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During my youth, I pursued a degree in equine leathercraft, which served as the cornerstone of my passion for quality handcrafted goods and design. My professional journey has evolved over the past twenty years towards wool and felt art pieces. Initially conducting courses from my modest studio, the demand for my expertise has expanded globally, prompting the transition to online instruction for individuals worldwide. Having had the privilege of instructing a diverse range of students, including children, adults, and those with unique needs, witnessing their growth and success has been profoundly fulfilling. Residing in western Ireland with my husband and two adult daughters, my work has been recognized with awards such as the Royal Dublin Society accolades and the Best-Run Courses award from the Irish Enterprise Awards. My current focus centres on sharing my wealth of knowledge and honed skills with the next generation, drawing from my extensive background as an artisan specializing in wool and leather craftsmanship.

While this site is centred around me and my work. I prefer to consider it primarily as a platform dedicated to you. My goal is to support you in broadening your knowledge, potentially facilitating the sale of your products, and ultimately helping you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

This site is basically the place where I share what I’ve learned, what I’ve done… and what I’ve seen throughout the last 30+ years in business. And something I will continue to do.

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Hi, good to see you. I'd like to show you a short introduction into my fairy making course. I hope you like it.

Is It For Me?

The most asked questions.

How do I know the class will suit me?

If you are not sure about this class and the way I teach, then I would like to invite you to receive my free classes first.

Click the link to get these classes with no obligations.

Can I do this with no experience?

Yes you can. I had many beginners in this class.

I have run classes from school age children to adults and everyone in between. Yes, some find it easier then others, but everyone always finishes their project with outstanding outcomes. I would recommend that children are over 12 years of age and get help from an adult to do the course. Some of the work in this course includes fine stitching.

Where can I buy the materials?

When you sign up for the course you have full access to the tools and material list. You can purchase all at your own leisure with links and recommendations. Or take the easy route and order a fairy kit via the website here, where all is included that you'll need.

You will also receive 10% discount on tools and materials. Just enter your special code if you make a purchase through the shop at franziska.ie

Do I have enough time to complete the course?

The course consists of 7 modules. You will need 2-3 hours in each module. Some may take even longer other's less time.

The complete course is presented at one time. I guide you through the course through PDF's, written content and lots of video. There is an question and answer section in every module. If you're stuck just send me your question and I will help you to resolve the issue.

This is also where we can meet and connect with other students. Share our achievement and learn from others.

Felting is one of the most satisfying sensory outlet you can learn. This is not like so many other courses on wet felting. This course will actually teach you how I make my fairies. Her face for instance is NOT needle felted but stitched. I can't wait to show you how I do this. But that is not all. I will also teach you how to implement wire into felt. What to look out for when working with wire. Resist felting too is included in this course. How to wet felt beautiful cloth with no holes and what to look out for when buying wool. And so much more.

I'll give you some bonus material to let your imagination run free. But most of all, I give you hours of forgetting about the world and just concentrate on what you want to do. Your achievement and your time well spent. Who knows where it will lead you. Mabey you want to sell your creations like I do? You are most certainly at the right place. This is how I started my business of felt art. In learning from others and following my own dreams and felt creations..

Just one bit of advice....felting can become addictive.

More FAQ can be found on the home page.

Felting with wool and making fairies
Past Course Participants

  • This was a wonderful fulfilling workshop.It was such fun and Franziska is a great teacher. Making the felt was extremely satisfying and the process was eye opening.

Seana Farrington Co. Cork

  • Loved every second of this course.

Faye Byrne Co.Meath

  • Highly enjoyable. Total immersion and absorbing, lovely and peaceful. Never knew how much was involved in making fairies.

Frances Torsney Co.Dublin

Make Time For Yourself

Yes, this is your time. Enjoy it. Make yourself a cup of tea/coffee and indulge in some me time for 2-4 hours each week. Modules do not have to be finished once started. They can be broken up into sections and easily being continued an other day.

merino wool art wall hanging

Fairy making is easy with the right materials.

If you are new to felting ,you may not have all materials at hand. I have different fairy colour combinations available in my shop where you can select materials before you start the course. A special code will be made available for you when you enrol in this course. The code will give you a 10% discount for materials should you need any. Or you can purchase a fairy making kit with all you need supplied to you.

Get your fairy making kit here


This course is closed for enrollment.

I'm looking forward to teaching you a fantastic opportunity in felt and fairy making.

Who knows where this will lead you?