I am Franziska, an artist specializing in wool felt creations at my studio located in Ireland.

My educational background includes a three-year study in saddlery leatherwork at the Beruflichen Gewerbeschule in Bern, Switzerland. This program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of leather, natural fibers, and textiles, fostering the development of my artistry and design expertise. Notably, my artistic endeavors have been recognized with prestigious accolades from the Royal Dublin Society in Ireland. In addition to creating art, I offer both online and in-person workshops to share the beauty of this craft with a global audience. My online wet felting workshops enable me to connect with individuals worldwide, spreading the joy of this intricate art form. With over 20 years of experience in felting, I embarked on this creative journey in 2004, commencing workshops in 2010. Through these workshops, I have had the privilege of working with diverse clientele, including children, adults, and individuals requiring specialized assistance. My creations have been celebrated with awards, and I have had the opportunity to exhibit my work in various venues across Ireland and internationally. As an instructor, I utilize a blend of video tutorials, PDF documents, images, and personalized feedback to cater to the unique learning needs of each participant. Sharing knowledge is a passion of mine, and I take pride in imparting the diverse techniques involved in felting. Using warm water, soap, and wool, I guide participants through the principles of wet felting in introductory courses, followed by focusing on creating distinct objects. If you are eager to embark on this creative journey, I invite you to join me in exploring the art of felting.

"...I thoroughly enjoyed the course you provided. I didn't know what to expect and discovered a wonderful new craft. Fabulous way to spend a few hours."

Anneliese Brown

Swinford Co. Mayo


How does online teaching work?

The whole workshop/course is happening online. You will learn each step at your own pace via your computer, laptop, tablet of phone. You will need a internet connection.

Phones are probably not the best as the screen is small.

Each lesion will teach you with written information, pictures, and lots of video content in the comfort of your home.

The course is happening at one time. That means you have immediate access to the whole workshop.

You don't need to wait for lessons to be released. The whole course is presented as one with different modules to navigate through.

As each module is different, so is your input into the course. Some modules take longer to complete then others. You will learn something new with each of them.

Do I need to take the class in order it is presented?

I would recommend that you follow the course as I have it outlined. Once you have completed the course you can change the order of lessons if you wish to do so.

Do I need to be online the whole time?

No, but I would recommend that you watch the videos first before you start. The PDF files may be sufficient for you to continue offline.

Does the class interact via e.g., zoom?

No, the class will not meet in that way. It would not be possible to interact in that way as we all live in different time zones. Furthermore, this way everyone can work at their own leisure. There is no pressure to finish your piece or to keep up with everyone else. You simply suit yourself.

I will be interacting by answering questions and giving feedback on your process via the online classroom. Everyone can interact, upload pictures, and ask questions if they wish to do so.. Initially I will answer questions and give feedback daily, except for weekends. Please check the sales page for individual courses as to how long daily feedback commences. You will receive feedback for the duration of the course, but not daily after the initial few weeks.

Are the materials included that I need for courses? 

No. Materials and tools are not included. The course description has a link for the full list of materials and tools needed. Together with a full list of suppliers in different countries.

Most of the tools you will have already in your household or are not expensive to buy.

I try to keep the list to a minimum or give you options to keep the costs down.

I would recommend buying good quality wool. Especially if you are new to felting. Good wool will not cost a lot more but will satisfy and last a lot longer. The wool I recommend felts easy. For beginners that have no experience I would highly recommend to start with an easy to felt wool.

 I use merino wool throughout my work and the courses. I want to give you the best experience and outcome. And that starts with good quality wool.

Are kits available to purchase for participate in the courses?

Yes, you can find kits (wool and tools) for courses via this link SHOP-CRAFT SUPPLIES .

If you would like different colours then what is available in the kits, then send me an email. All colour options are visible under the merino wool section.

What are the benefits of online classes versus hands on classes?

Hands on classes are great if you live in Ireland and you are willing to travel.

One day courses are a lovely as I always finish a product with my students on the day. But as it's only one day, you only get one chance to see what I do. Online classes in this regard are priceless. You can watch over my shoulder as often as you like. There is nobody else in front of you taking the view. My camera is always behind and above me. Giving you a birds eye view.

The benefits of online classes are....

You have as much time as you need. Rather than being limited to a few hours (as you would be in a physical course) you can ask me lots of questions over the coming weeks and months. You can work as many hours as you want during the class. It is ongoing, its not finished and done in one day as a hands-on class is. You can review and repeat steps as many times as you want. You can work and walk away at any stage and come back to it. Even days or weeks later. Get to meet lots of others from all over the world and share your success with them. You will be able to print/download all PDF files you need to continue with the course program for years to come.

Are the courses suitable for beginners or just the more experienced?

Absolutely. All courses are suitable for beginners. Otherwise, it is clearly stated. Everyone taking part will learn so much and will be able to create many more wonderful fulfilling projects with the learned material.

The more experienced participant may have one or two “aha” moments as well.

Would the course suit a child?

Courses are suitable for children with the help of an adult. I would recommend that the child has some experience with stitching and is older then 12. You know the ability of your child better then me.

Do I need a lot of space?

No, your kitchen table is fine. Your table will more then likely become wet a few times during the course. Cover it with plastic if it's an issue. Please don't damage your table with water, as it will get wet.

How long will I have access to courses?

You have access immediately to all classes. The courses are yours for as long as you want them or as long as I update and keep me website. And I have no intention of going anywhere else. If my circumstances should change I will notify you in advance so you can download relevant information of the courses you're in rolled in. The courses are hosted on teachable, which is a very reliable and well known teaching platform. Reliable, easy to navigate and follow.