What I do

I am a self thought textile artist working primarily with wool nowadays, even though I am a qualified saddle maker. 10 years ago I swapped leather for wool and I haven't looked back since. I started running courses and classes 8 years ago here in my studio.

I was awarded from the Irish Enterprise awards for best run courses in Ireland. Other awards I received, are from the prestigious Royal Dublin Society for my leather and felt works.

So you are in good hands for learning something new and exciting.

You don't need a lot to get started with wet felting.

  • A fleece of wool
  • Warm water
  • Soap
  • Your hands

Of course some other tools come in practical to help out with wet felting. But if you are new to wet felting, most of the tools you probably have at home already.

It's a beautiful hobby. The varieties are endless. And best of all it is a sustainable source of raw materials to keep you entertained.

Calla Lilies

Is It For Me?

The most asked questions I hear.......

Can I do this with no experience?

Yes you can. I had many beginners in this class.

I have run classes from school age children to adults and everyone in between. Yes, some find it easier then others, but everyone always finishes their project with outstanding outcomes. I would recommend that children are over 12 years of age and get help from an adult to do this course.

Where can I buy the materials?

When you sign up for the course you have full access to the tools and material list. You can purchase all at your own leisure with links and recommendations. Or take the easy route and order a kit via the website here, where all is included that you'll need.

You will also receive 10% discount on tools and materials. Just enter your special code if you make a purchase through the felt fairies shop.

Do I have enough time to complete the course?

The course consists of 3 modules. Plus a bonus module. You will need 40-90 minutes in each module. Depending on your skills.

There is no time limit on this courses and it is there for you as long as I maintain my website. Should my circumstances change I will notify you in advance so you will have time to finish the course and download information sheets.

All printable material is of course yours to keep.

The complete course is presented at one time. I guide you through the course through PDF's, written content and lots of video. I'll answer questions and comment in the online classroom. Questions will be answered daily except on weekends. This is also where you can meet and connect with other students. Share your achievement and learn from others.

The Calla Lilies course is very popular, as it gives a good understanding of what wet felting is about. I teach the principals of wet felting, Wet felting incorporating wire. And other useful tips when working with wool.

But that is not all. I'll give you some bonus material to let your imagination run free. Just one bit of advice....felting can become addictive.

More FAQ can be found on the home page.

Felting with wool and making fairies
Fairy Wet Felting Course

This Fairy felting course is one of my most popular courses. It teaches a lot of different techniques and is transferable to other doll makings.

This course is for anyone with a love of doll making using wool and other textiles. No experience necessary.

wet felted bracelets from felt fairies
Bracelet Felting

Erol in this free course and learn to wet felt funky bracelets. So many varieties are possible with endless wet felting fun. This course is great for teenagers or children that want an afternoon of entertainment.

Bag wet felted with merino wool
Bag Wet Felting

An other free course to experiment with wool and learning a new technique. This bag wet felting course will give you a good understanding of resit felting and what it is all about.

Recommended for more advanced, but beginners are welcome too.

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