1.What To Expect

Hey There,

You are so welcome to jump right in into some serious felting fun.

I am Franziska. Creator of my business Felt Fairies. I am glad our paths have crossed in this online course. Bracelet Felting For Beginners.

I can not wait to start teaching you this wonderful art of wet felting where you will learn to felt you own bracelet. Surprise your friends and family with your handmade unique presents. No better way to say thank you.

As a breakdown, each lesson will walk you through the process of felting.

  • Which Wool To Use
  • How much wool you need
  • What other material is necessary
  • A basic bracelet
  • A more advanced bracelet

All recordings are made in my studio for the purpose of this course as are the videos.

The videos provided will teach you step-by-step to achieve your desired outcome. You can either watch the video to the end or start with me and stop it when needed. In the resource section, you will find a link to my shop if you need wool or other felting supplies if you haven't got your own already.

I would also recommend to watch the free course "introduction into wet felting" . It will help you with all other projects.

Please e mail me if you have any questions about this course. [email protected]

I look forward to get started on making our bracelet.

Lets do this together.

Franziska Lienberger

Felt Fairies

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