What To Expect And What You Will Need To Felt Calla Flowers

Hi And Welcome, I'm Franziska

I am thrilled you want to learn how to wet felt Calla flowers.

In the video below I introduce myself and I run you quickly through the materials and tools you will need.

But fear not. I have also listed every tool and material after the introduction video.

And as with every course I am facilitating. I give you a list of suppliers should you need to buy wool for this felting project.

This course is available immediately. It is also yours to keep. Some aspects are downloadable too.

There is no time limit on this courses and it is there for you as long as I maintain my website. Should my circumstances change I will notify you in advance so you will have time to finish the course and download information sheets.

You will find it at the bottom of this module. I work mostly with a 18 micron Merino wool. If you have other wool you can of course use that too. The outcome may vary though, as some wools are a lot coarser then the fine Merino wool. Meaning, the flower may look more hairy. If that makes sense.

For your convenience, there is a Calla flower kit available in my online shop.

And because you signed up for the Calla flower felting course, you receive a 10% discount on the felting kit.

Click the link here if you would like to get a Calla Flower Felting Kit. And use the code CallaFlower

at the checkout.

But as mentioned, there are other suppliers listed in the PDF file for you to check out.

If you have any questions in relation to this wet felting course. There is a comments box in every module should you encounter any difficulties or questions.

I hope you enjoy this course with me as the facilitator.

Before we start I want to give you a full list of the supplies you'll need to do the Calla Flower. A list of wool suppliers is in the PDF file below.

So I am not going to repeat it here. But I include links for the rest of the materials here that are essential. Please note the materials listed here are for one Flower only. This will allow you to calculate more accurately how much more you will need if you make more flowers.

Materials for 1 Flower:

Essential Tools:

  • Pliers For bending wire.
  • Pliers For cutting wire.
  • Bubble Wrap or other plastic to protect your table
  • Towels
  • Anti slip mat 30 cm x 30 cm or bigger or similar product
  • Bowl
  • Jug or water sprinkler
  • Vinegar
  • Bar of soap
  • Access to warm water
  • Sturdy worktable
  • Scissors
  • White foam laminate underlay flooring sheets to make a template or something similar. Minimum size 30cm x 30 cm

None essential's but lovely if you have it.

  • Mulberry silks or viscose

Calla flower supply list.pdf
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