4. What Other Material Is Necessary

Essentials in Wet Felting.

  1. A good sturdy table. Plenty of space on the table and good light.
  2. 2 sheets of Bubble wrap. A4 size each is sufficient for this project. If you only have one bubble wrap that is ok too.
  3. Bar of soap. Any soap you like will do. I don't like washing up liquid. I find soap bars work well.
  4. 2 None slip mats. A4 size or bigger, if smaller works too, but it should cover our project. They can be bought in pound shops and are cheap to buy. Net curtain is usable too.
  5. A good size towel. If you work as messy as me you may want 2. The towel is only used to soak up some excess water during the felting process.
  6. A basin with warm water( warm, not hot that you burn yourself) The warmer the water the quicker it will felt.
  7. a jug to pour water.
  8. Vinegar ( cheap brand will be fine)
  9. And of course the wool you are going to use.
  10. After the felting you need a scissors, button, needle and tread. (Beads are optional)

The Resist Felted Bracelet.

You will need all of the above plus a resist.

A resist in felting consists of a piece of material that stops the wool from felting together. A resist is often used for felting bags , clothes, vessels etc. The resist is restricting the wool to felt.

I make my resists from foam board. They can be bought in different sizes and thickness in craft shops. I have used milk carton or other plastics too if I was short of foam boards. You may have some old plastic folders somewhere.

The resist I am using for the second bracelet consists of 3 resists. You can make just 1 or 2 if you like, but I am using 3 for your benefit.

The sizes are:

  1. 15 cm long and 12 mm wide
  2. 15 cm long and 22 mm wide
  3. 15 cm long and 27 mm wide

The length needs to be adjusted to your bracelets length. This is my measurement. Your may want your bracelet to be wider.

Resist felting is great, so many opportunities to play around with. It will make a bit more sense when you see it done. Lets move on.

How to prepare the work space.

The towel goes first on the table. Followed by one bubble wrap. Bubbles facing up looking at you. Then one none - slip- mat.

The rest you need, from the list above, is on your table.

Are you ready to start? Great, lets begin.

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